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Global Cargo Panama


Global Cargo Panama

Over 40 years of market experience and our strategic location allow us to offer very competitive rates on the solutions your business requires.

Our distribution center is equipped with the best technology, which supports and allows us to provide optimal response times.

Global Cargo is and will be, the best logistics solution with the support and guarantee in handling your logistics operations.

Why Global Cargo?

Global cargo Panama

Global Cargo operates all over the world

Global cargo Panama

We can offer marine, air or land shipment from anywhere in the world, managing supply services according to your needs and wherever you require them.

With the biggest storage in square meters in the Free Zone and highly qualified personnel, Global Cargo i sable to dispatch its orders in the shortest time possible to the region or in the world.

Why Panama?

The connectivity to the Panama Canal allows a more economic and efficient system, with more than 140 marine routes which unite over 80 countries and the Hub of the Americas which connects the country with the rest of the world through air.

The main business routes that use the Panama Canal are those in the East Coast United States with the Far East, from East Coast United States to the West Coast in South America, and from Europe to the west Coast United States and Canada.

Colon Free Zone is the second largest in the western hemisphere.

Its closeness to Asian economies (China, Taiwan and South Korea), North America and Europe make this free zone the ideal place in a globalized world economy.

Global Cargo Panama